YouTube – Progeny Theatre Company’s Promotional and other video views.

YouTube views 24.05.13

YouTube views 24.05.13


Above is the overall views of the YouTube videos uploaded by Progeny Theatre Company. Each video, apart from the video entitled ‘Gary’ which was character work for the Piano Tuner, were uploaded to Facebook and Twitter. Sharing our videos onto our social networking sites is beneficial to the company as it enables our followers to see our vidoes instantly.

Our highest viewed video is one that promotes Progeny Theatre as a company, rather than the show. If Progeny was to continue after this module, the fact that our highest viewed video is promoting the company benefits us. Our on-line followers could recognize us a company from these videos.

The promotional video for our show had to be edited towards the date of our show to include our show title, the new date and the time. We originally had our trailer to promote the company and a teaser for the show, so when the performance dates were released to us we were able to edit the video to correctly promote our show. The new promotional video is as follows;


Word Count – 218